Deciding to elope to the mountains of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg is the best decision you’ll ever make.   This article is specifically for couples who have chosen the Honeysuckle Hills farm in Pigeon Forge, TN, but are unsure which all-inclusive elopement package is right for them.  But even if you’ve just now started researching ways to elope and where, it will give you some ideas and point out things you’ll need that you didn’t know to ask about.

Our elopement wedding services are unique in a number of ways.   The most important thing I want you to understand is that we are more interested in caring for you on a personal level, and we are definitely not the kind of venue you’ll want to “breeze in and breeze out.”  So, if all you need is a place where an officiant will sign your license and say good luck and good-bye… we’re not the best choice.  It’s just not who we are, and our hearts are set on providing a more enriching wedding experience.

That said, I want to welcome you to our little family.  You’re going to work with me (Regina,) from start to finish.  Eventually you’ll meet my assistant, Emily, who will most likely give your venue tour the day before your wedding.  She’ll also check on you while you’re getting ready, and help me with our off-camera lighting during the wedding photography.  Emily and I will direct your ceremony together, and she’ll even play a song for you while you walk down the aisle.  I hope you’ll also meet Aunt Sharon, who is the creative brain who decorates all our ceremony sites.  My mother, who we nicknamed “The Queen,” may come visit and flash her famous mountain smile your way, too!


The video below is full of beautiful wedding photographs, and explains how we do things here.  It’s an excellent way to see how we’re different from all the other commercial venues in our area, and gather ideas for your own wedding.



Ways Emily & Regina care for Eloping Couples:

  • You, the bridal party & parents can use our dressing areas and spacious bridal suite any time before the ceremony
  • The ceremony time can be changed to accommodate for better weather
  • No other wedding will take place on property on the day you get married
  • We’ll help you zip or lace up your dress
  • We’ll direct the ceremony & take care of all the little details
  • Choose any ceremony location you like, and we do have back-up areas if it rains
  • You are not required to tip your minister.  Their fee is included in every package
  • Photography is included in all wedding packages (It’s the number one reason couples come here.)
  • Your wedding photography begins with images of your dress, rings, and getting ready shots 30 min prior to the ceremony
  • Your wedding photography includes ceremony coverage, family (if attending) and creative images of the two of you
  • You’ll get ALL your beautiful wedding photographs along with a copyright release on a flash drive
  • Enhancements are provided to soften fine lines, remove blemishes & slenderize body parts to 30% of your images
  • You’ll be able to request up to ten more enhancement requests, free of charge
  • You’ll love sharing the included highlight slideshow Regina and Emily create from their favorite photographs, mixed with short video clips
  • Lasting friendships are made here

A bridal portrait of Sarah, from Ireland, in our bridal suite just before the ceremony

We place a lot of emphasis on wedding photography, and for good reason.  This day is a celebration of who you are, and why you’re making this life-time commitment to each other.  It’s a beautiful story that needs to be told in photographs!  I have been told many times from previous couples that their wedding photographs brought them through more than one rough patch in the marriage.  As time goes on, we are tempted to take for granted all the little things that caused us to fall in love in the first place.  Emily and I want to do more than just document what happened on your wedding day.  Snapping a shutter is easy.  Giving reason for pause and reflection on a moment in time is a lot more difficult… but to us it’s vitally important.  We truly care about the success and vitality of your marriage.


Bride in wedding dress with husband in the back of 1950 Ford truck at Honeysuckle Hills Pigeon Forge

Our 1950 Ford truck is one of the most requested photography locations at our venue


What to Consider When Choosing Your Elopement Package:

  • Each package has a designated amount of activity time.  This is the time we dedicate to your sweet ceremony and photography.
  • Activity time begins when the ceremony starts and ends at the designated exit time.  For example, two hours of activity time may start with a 4pm ceremony and end with a 6pm exit.
  • Choose a package based on how many guests will be with you.
  • Choose a package with enough activity time for all the photographs you want.  (Children, family groups, and the number of different locations on our farm)
  • Always remember that you, the bridal party & parents can use the dressing areas any time before the ceremony.  It’s the activity time that makes the difference in each package.


Just About Us             $999      (Not available on some peak Saturdays)

Activity time:  One Hour

Best for:  Couples only

Is it just the two of you?  You don’t want pictures with the horses running or at the mountain ridge view?  Perfect!  Since your ceremony only takes about ten minutes, we’ll be able to photograph you at three different locations on the farm.  There’s plenty of time for Emily and I to use our imagination and watch for those moments that show your unique personalities.

Are your children coming with you?  We love babies, and we adore toddlers and teenagers.   Just one set of parents?  We are crazy about Mom and Dad, too!  BUT… this package is just not the best choice when other people are added.  Yes, it can be done.  Yes, we will allow it to avoid hurting your feelings.  However, ultimately you will not be as pleased as you would be with a package that has more activity time for the photography.   You will either end up adding more time on wedding day, or sacrificing some creative photography possibilities.


Wild Horses       $1499 Weekdays    $1999 Saturdays  (Not available on some peak Saturdays)

Activity time:  One and a half hours

Best for:  Ten guests or fewer (Parents and Children)

Is it just the two of you, and you want pictures with the horses running and more interaction?  Maybe you want to get married at our mountain ridge view (strictly for couples only,) and then have photographs at four more locations on the farm?  Amazing… you’ll love this package!  There’s more time for Emily and I to pull together artistic ideas.

Did each set of parents and the kids decide to come with you?  Keep smiling… this package will work extremely well.  The first 45 minutes will encompass the ceremony and family group pictures.  The remaining 45 minutes we’ll be able to photograph the two of you in at least three locations on our farm, including the horses.  If the family photographs didn’t take as long, we can even make Sugar and Ben kick up their heels and spend more time with you.

Did the guest count grow beyond ten people?  Uh oh… this package starts getting a little more rushed.  The more people you have, the longer the ceremony process takes.  You’ll also have more family group requests, which slowly eats away at the time we have to photograph the two of you alone.

Emily and I enjoy watching your family hugging and kissing you.  They love you and they want your attention.  That’s why we always recommend choosing a package that gives everyone enough time to spread joy and celebrate a marriage.


The Family Elopement       $1999 Weekdays      $2499 Saturdays  (Not available on some peak Saturdays)

Activity Time:  Two hours

Best for:  Up to 30 guests 

Is there a group of between 15 and 30 people who are begging to see you get married in Pigeon Forge?  Would you like to invite them to dinner after the wedding at a local restaurant like the Park Grill or the Local Goat?  Bingo… this package hits the jackpot!

The first hour encompasses a beautiful ceremony and ten to fifteen family group photographs.  You can then send your guests back to the cabin or on to the restaurant, or they can socialize in our spacious yard area with horse shoes, corn hole, and a sand box for the kids.  While they play, we can photograph the two of you together for the remaining hour.  This gives Emily and I plenty of time to use our imagination.  You can expect at least four different locations on the farm for pictures, including the horses (running or just standing there looking cute.)

If the list of family group pictures is a little longer, it may take away one of the locations we’ll get to use for the two of you, but this is usually not a big deal.  Couples who place a higher priority on the family pictures don’t mind, and you’re still going to get an amazing variety of couples shots.

Did the guest list expand beyond 30?  Hmmm… you might want to add a little more activity time, especially if the family picture list is long.  This scenario is just like a family reunion atmosphere, and you’re going to want to make sure everyone has plenty of time to talk and enjoy our property.  No one ever wants to leave our gardens and country scenes.

If the guest list approaches 50, we think you’ll adore one of our all-inclusive reception packages instead.  A guest size that large will thank you for not making them leave our beautiful venue, especially when there’s a reception area with country-chic decor, seating, tables, and options for delicious catered food right on site.


The Outdoor Adventure          $2499 Weekdays            $2999 Saturdays  (Not available on some peak Saturdays)

Activity Time: Two and a Half Hours

Best for: Couples only who love to explore

Are you searching for a unique way to get married?  Do you want to enjoy as much beauty the Smoky Mountains have to offer?  How about letting me and Emily take you to historic, private family land where you can see an old chimney, views, and small mountain waterfalls? Want to add in some wind from our horses as they race past?  Choose this package and you’ll smile from ear to ear!

We’ll start out at the Honeysuckle Hills venue where you’ll have access to the dressing areas and bridal suite.  If you prefer to get married off-site at Regina’s home in the mountains, we can arrange it.  Photography can continue there after the ceremony, and we will return to Honeysuckle Hills for pictures there as well.   However, most couples get married at one of the lovely ceremony locations at Honeysuckle Hills first.

Are a few people coming along with you?  This is usually no problem, but if the guest count goes beyond ten it will definitely cut into the adventures.  This package was created for free-spirited couples who want to squeeze as much out of our photographic imagination as possible.  Many times they’ll bring their jeep, four-wheeler, or other ATV.  Regina might even borrow her son’s Polaris razor to ride to the top of the horse pasture with the mountain ridge view if you ask her…

Please keep in mind that some of the places we can allow a couples only ceremony are not suitable for a wedding with guests, unless they don’t mind walking mountain terrain and standing during the ceremony.

This is the wedding elopement package that will make all your friends green with envy!  It’s not your typical wedding day, and it’s certainly not boring.

In winter and early spring the creeks are brimming with cold mountain water, and Regina uses creative camera angles for a more dramatic effect.  Couples love the technique she uses with a tripod and slower shutter to make the waterfalls look more dreamy.


waterfall wedding in the Smoky Mountains

The waterfall behind Regina’s private home is a favorite location in the winter and early spring



Now it’s time to start planning your wedding elopement!  Contact Regina today and she’ll start building your dream wedding in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.